Take collaboration with your suppliers to a higher level

Find a balance between agility, savings, continuity, risk mitigation, innovation and create New Value

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Apply supplier relationship management to unlock
supplier / partner potential and align strategic agendas

4: Innovation and co-creation

Optimize collaboration with your partners to innovate and co-create new products and services and achieve mutual win-win situations.

3: Supply chain optimization / Continuous improvement

Collaborate with key suppliers and partners to jointly deliver value (cost reduction, value chain efficiency, risk mitigation). Value that is beyond contractual obligations.

2: Performance excellence

Define and monitor Key Performance Indicators to ensure that suppliers deliver services per the contract.

1: Manage and leverage supplier contracts

Manage supplier contracts to ensure that negotiated terms and service levels are adhered to and leverage supplier capabilities.

Attract New Partners

Implement Supplier Relationship Management to

Work collaboratively with those suppliers that are crucial to the success of your organisation,

  • trusting them, treat them with respect
  • listening to their ideas,
  • discussing challenges
  • leveraging on each others strengths

to maximize the mutual value of these relationships

Collaboration creates new value

  • Achieve win-win situations
  • At the top end relationships will become more integrated
  • Drive trust & transparency
  • Collaborative working and seeking mutual value will contribute to continuous improvement and innovation
  • Jointly manage risk and build supply chain resilience
  • Manage sourcing strategies and vertical integration

Applying Supplier Relationship Management will bring you an extra value of 3 18%

Culture & People
  • Strategy
  • Identity & select
    Key Suppliers / Partners
  • Initiate and optimize Relationship Management
  • Monitor & track goals & targets
  • Deliver value
Organisational structure

An internal transformation is needed to extract value through supplier relationship management.

Our pragmatic approach will be tailored to your organization and processes. Tooling and processes can be implemented as a program or as stand-alone initiatives.

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